People are reminiscing about the worst houses they’ve rented in London

People are reminiscing about the worst houses they’ve rented in London
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Londoners are reminiscing about their cheapest rents and the ghastly reasons for “low-cost” living.

London has notorious high costs of living, often with not much in return compared to other parts of the country.

Twitter user Lauren Dudley asked people to “Tell me the lowest rent you’ve ever paid for a room + why it was low.” She spilled the beans about her own story, which she paid £750 a month for, “box room in the sh*tty part of Walthamstow, no living room, absolutely filthy house, was personally violently mugged right outside AND there was regular drug raids on the flat downstairs”

Other users flocked to share their tales in affordable renting in the capital, some horrific and some charming, proving that renting in London is a game of luck, and sometimes its just a case of lowering your standards or having a great sense of adventure.

Common terrors that appeared again and again in the replies included neglectful landlords, mould and rat infestations.

The average price for a room in Aldgate in 2020 was £880, according to a report by MyLondon.

This marks a 25 per cent price drop to the same time last year, a decrease caused by the pandemic as people fled due to lockdown measures. This could be a promising sign for renters as prices are partly so high due to demand over stripping supply.

For some those living outside of London, they took quite the chance to ask why people put themselves through living like this as according to this Wales Online article, the average rent per room was £600 in 2019

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