Forget Lord Buckethead. A man named Bobby 'Elmo' Smith got three votes against Theresa May


Politics is fun isn't it? You never know what's going to happen and you certainly don't know who is going to try to run for political office.

As well as your regular major parties there are plenty of others to chose from. You have your usual contenders in the form of The Monster Raving Loony Party and Cannabis is safer than Alcohol Party but sometimes you get a few unique independent's.

Joining the PM on stage for the count this year was Bobby 'Elmo' Smith - who, as you probably gathered , was dressed up like the fluffy red character from Sesame Street.

Bobby Smith is a father's rights activist and the founder of the Give Me Back Elmo Party - which he set up to campaign for changing the family courts.

Smith, a 34-year-old truck driver, stood in the Witney constituency against then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, and this year it was Theresa May's turn in Maidenhead.

Once the votes were cast and counted for, it was revealed Smith had only received 3 total votes against Mrs May's 37, 718.

Smith campaigns for father's rights, and came up with the Elmo platform after combining the first two letters of his daughter's names.

Speaking two years ago at a previous election Mr Smith said:

I hope to build a record, even if I don’t get any power. 

No parent who is fit and willing should ever be denied their right to share equally in the lives of their own children.

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