Everyone's talking about how happy George Osborne looks right now

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The exit poll by Ipsos Mori for BBC, ITV and Sky News released on Thursday night predicted a hung a parliament, with the Tories as the largest party.

In the cold light of day after an evening of fraught and exciting results - this appears to be a staggeringly accurate prediction.

Theresa May's Conservatives have failed to best the result won by David Cameron two years ago and will most likely have to seek to govern as a minority party.

The former chancellor and the Tory election chief in 2015 George Osborne first remarked on ITV:

If the poll is anything like accurate, this is complete catastrophic for the Conservatives and for Theresa May.

He later added:

The worst manifesto by a ruling British party in history.

He said the Conservative manifesto was "written by about three people".

It seems there is little love lost between Osborne and May.

First he was sacked as Chancellor by May when she became leader.

He then took the helm of the Evening Standard.

May called an election, effectively forcing Osborne to give up his Tatton constituency.

Then Osborne ran editorials heavily criticising May's campaign, particularly her U-turn on social care funding.

Appearing on ITV's election coverage, Osborne's face when he received the results was a brilliant display of cheeky control.

Oh George.

Picture: ITV News/YouTube screengrab

Control yourself sir.


Having planned his gracious loser face, he had not planned his contained smugness grin.

People noticed.

Well played Osbo. Well played.

We wonder what his reaction will be when the final seats are tallied up.

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