Freak weather incidents are starting to get all that more frequent.

Climate change seems to be exacerbating unprecedented and extreme weather; now we see flash floods and raging bushfires with far too much regularity.

But here’s a new one: fire tornado.

One reporter managed to capture the terrifying weather event while filming a wildfire that had broken out in Los Angeles County, California.

Veronica Miracle, an ABC7 anchor, was reporting from the scene when she spotted the unusual way the fire at Lake Hughes was moving.

Hughes posted videos to Twitter, saying she’d “never seen anything like it”.

“I have never seen anything like this. The #LakeFire is moving fast toward Lake Hughes. It created a fire tornado on this hill and it’s sucking everything inside,” she wrote.

The video shows a swirling vortex of fire, inside a giant smoke cloud, with fire trucks parked nearby.

Reportedly, it had burned around 10,000 acres by the time Miracle captured her video, with more than 500 homes evacuated.

Others were just as shocked to see the fire tornado.

It seemed too much, on top of the pandemic.

And there were worries about the coming weeks.

At the time of writing, the fire has yet to be contained.

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