The fallout from the Mueller report keeps getting more ridiculous.

While the investigation’s conclusion that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia is good news for the president, the report still contains a lot of damaging information about him.

However, that hasn’t stopped conservatives from declaring that Trump is 100 per cent innocent.

Pro-Trump commentator Lou Dobbs has come up with one of the most overblown defences yet.

Last night, Dobbs went on Fox News to describe the Mueller investigation as a “war” against Trump and claim “the evidence is accumulating mightily” that “God sent this president”.

That’s right.

Dobbs is suggesting God sent Donald Trump to save America.

Yes, this man has apparently been sent to do the Lord’s work…

Was this the best God could do?

As you’d expect, people weren’t convinced by Dobbs’ claim.

It must be true that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

As for Dobbs, he’s known as a strong supporter of Trump’s presidency and for spreading conspiracy theories.

He promoted the false conspiracy that Barack Obama was not born in the US, numerous conspiracies against businessman George Soros and unproven claims that the FBI and US Justice Department are trying to bring down Trump.

Oh, and despite this, he also has a weekday show on Fox News

If you want to read the full Mueller report, you can find it here.

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