Mueller report: People are turning ‘harm to ongoing matter’ into a hilarious meme

Mueller report: People are turning ‘harm to ongoing matter’ into a hilarious meme

The Mueller report was finally made public yesterday but it didn’t answer all of our questions about Donald Trump.

As many people expected, significant sections of the report have been redacted.

But some people were surprised by the reason why, when they saw sections blacked out with an attention-grabbing phrase - "Harm to Ongoing Matter" (HOM).

In some cases, entire pages were blacked out - like this:

And while everyone waited for reporters to find the juiciest revelations in the report, the internet did what it does best and turned HOM into a new meme.

A lot of people thought the HOM pages had an iconic look…

They thought it was so iconic, it could be the cover of a classic indie rock record.

Right now, you might also be wondering... what does HOM actually mean?

Well, to put it simply, it means that sections of the report couldn’t be made public because they could harm an ongoing matter – e.g. information related to ongoing investigations, classified information or privacy information for people related to the Mueller investigation.

For example, one of the most interesting parts of the Mueller report is a section which list 14 instances of “potential criminal activity” that were handed over to the US Justice Department to investigate.

Only two of those instances have been made public, meaning there are 12 other potential crimes still being investigated that we don’t know about.

In short, this isn’t the last thing we’re going to hear about investigations into the Trump campaign.

If you feel like reading the full Mueller report for yourself, you can read the whole thing here.

But it is sunny outside – you should probably go and enjoy yourself.

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