This Republican just accidentally called his colleague 'Congressman Covid' on TV

This Republican just accidentally called his colleague 'Congressman Covid' on TV

A number of sitting US congressmen have tested positive for Covid-19 – the most recent is Louie Gohmert, a Republican congressman who had previously been reprimanded for not wearing a mask at work.

Gohmert is the representative from Texas’s 1st Congressional District, and is a member of the Republican party.

Since Gohmert tested positive, others seem to be adhering to the mask regulations more closely. But one live TV interview, with one of Gohmert’s colleagues, seems to indicate that there may even be a new nickname for Gohmert.

House leader Kevin McCarthy made the remark when speaking to reporters about Covid-19, and he said:

You want to be able to trace it, you want to be able to spot any symptoms and just as Congressman Covid – Louie Gohmert – he doesn’t have any symptoms.

Gohmert has previously given reporters nonsensical explanations about why he does not wear a mask.

He told CNN two weeks ago:"I don't have the coronavirus. It turns out as of yesterday I've never had it. But if I get it, you'll never see me without a mask.”

When reporters pointed out that the problem isn’t just people with Covid-19 not wearing masks, Gohmert responded: "But I keep being tested and I don't have it. So I'm not afraid of you, but if I get it I'll wear a mask.”

He tested positive hours before he was due to fly on Air Force One with President Donald Trump to an oil rig and fundraiser in Texas.

After Gohmert tested positive for Covid-19, it had a ripple effect on the rest of the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi then made masks mandatory inside the building, and people are now asking about increasing testing for people who will have interacted with Gohmert, particularly as he was often spotted speaking to people without a mask on.

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