Louis CK just made an excellent analogy about Israel-Palestine

Louis CK is a comedian, actor and director. And now apparently also a Middle East analyst.

While hosting the finale of season 40 of Saturday Night Live last night, he made an excellent analogy about the situation in the Middle East with his two children, who often fight.

My kids are like Israel and Palestine and I'm like America. The little one's like Palestine because she always gets screwed, she gets the worst deal. She's like, 'She threw a rock at my face' and I'm like, 'You're fine. You have a great life, you get to take a rock to the face once in a while, you're fine.' The older one is like Israel, she comes up to me like, 'She burnt all my dolls!' I'm like, 'Look, I can't do anything about it right now. Your sister is crazy, please don't make me talk to her. I'll work it out, you and me. We'll go out I'll buy you a really cool missile and whatever you do with it is totally up to you.'

HT Haaretz

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