Louis Tomlinson calls out BBC Breakfast after awkward interview

Louis Tomlinson calls out BBC Breakfast after awkward interview

Louis Tomlinson has called out Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast over what he felt was an insensitive line of questioning.

Appearing on the programme to promote his debut album, it all began with Tomlinson being asked about his time in One Direction. He replied:

It was incredible. It was such a drastic life change for us all… it’s interesting, and what was amazing for us is we had each other. I’ve often looked across to other solo artists and thought how difficult it must be to come into fame on your own, whereas we always had each other, which helped us enjoy the whole ride really.

Things took a turn for the awkward when Walker asked about the writing process in relation to the loss of the singer’s mother and sister. Tomlinson said:

I think because of where I started my career on the X Factor and you know, there’s always been a camera on me, and I’ve always given a lot of myself, it’s kind of all I’ve known in my career really. I almost use that to my advantage and I’m brave enough to talk about these things.

Things got more cringeworthy still with Walker and co-host Louise Minchin attempting to initiate a discussion about the “spat” with former bandmate Zayn Malik. Tomlinson was not best pleased and would only say, “God, you’re proper going in here today.”

It didn’t end there, with Tomlinson keen to express his displeasure on Twitter and Walker having his say in return.

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