Resurfaced video of Louis Walsh ‘groping’ Mel B on live TV shows the 'ridiculous’ behaviour women put up with

Resurfaced video of Louis Walsh ‘groping’ Mel B on live TV shows the 'ridiculous’ behaviour women put up with

A 2014 clip of Mel B calling out Louis Walsh after he grabbed her bum has resurfaced as people are sharing it as an example of the difficulties women go through.

The incident occurred on The Xtra Factor in 2014, when the then-judges, made up of Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Mel and Louis sat and talked to host Sarah Jane Crawford about the live show.

Mel B was sat next to the then 61-year-old Wash, who had his arm around her waist, and he proceeds to tap her on the bum whilst answering a question.

After a few moments spent frowning, Mel B stops the interview and turns to him: “Hold on a second, why are you grabbing my butt?” she demands.

Sarah Jane comments on it, too: “Louis! Hands where we can see them please.”

Walsh and Simon Cowell laugh, whilst the singer moves away and called his actions “inappropriate.”

The clip did not age well, and with fresh eyes on such interactions thanks to #MeToo, people online are scrutinising it once more

Women were reminded of the power dynamics that often make it difficult for women to speak out in such cases

Walsh's actions drew anger

Others asked: Would Walsh have done that had a man been seated next to him?

And why didn't Cowell call out his colleague for his actions?

Years later he was asked about the incident by Rosenstock, and Walsh said: "We’d be sitting there all day on the couch doing TV, and I just grabbed her a*** as a joke.”

She was very funny and you could say anything or do anything to her and I loved her, so I would just grab her for a laugh but it’s not PC anymore.

That's...not a thing.

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