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Have you ever attempted to write a story in only six words? And to top that off, a horror story at that? No, well if you haven't you may well be missing out on some serious creative opportunities.

Taking to Twitter, comic and animation writer Gail Simone asked her followers to write a horror story using only six words, and we have to say that the results were really rather impressive.

In a tweet, she wrote:

Today's challenge isn't new, but I still think it's fun.

Write a horror story in six words.

Please use hashtag


After that, she then shared a few examples to get people's creative juices flowing...

Needless to say, others also started to share their six-word horror stories, and they were brilliant.


Don't bring grandma into it...

Or clowns.


Not the chat history! Anything but the chat history.



Clowns are without fail extremely scary.

However, our personal favourite...

HT Twitter Moments

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