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Louise Mensch got her words and numbers mixed up on Sunday.

On a torrid day of Brexit squabbling, amid Boris Johnson's indecision between backing staying in the EU and voting to leave, Mensch had her own 'mare on Twitter.

The former Conservative MP, who resolutely stands for an autonomous UK, free from the supposed shackles of economic unity and political companionship, tweeted a combination of words in the hope of swaying uncertain voters towards her beliefs.

Mensch used the example of Ukip's vote share in the 2015 general election to underpin the idea that every vote will count when it comes to Brexit. Except she got her numbers/words a little jumbled up.


As the Independent's Jon Stone points out, no, the above does appear to highlight a questionable typo. Quite how someone so prolific/divisive/really bad [delete as appropriate] on Twitter manages to write the word 'thirteen' rather than the number '3' is quizzical to say the least.

Fine, it was almost certainly an honest mistake. But it's an amusing one. Never change, Mensch.

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