There's now a dating site for 'lockdown sceptics' and some of the profiles are beyond parody

There's now a dating site for 'lockdown sceptics' and some of the profiles are beyond parody

If you’re interested in something niche – whether that’s flat earth conspiracy theories or Dungeons and Dragons – there’s probably a dating website out there for you.

That includes the “Covid-sceptical” – essentially people who think that all of this lockdown and fear about a deadly pandemic has gone on for too long, and who want to return back to normal life.

Right-wing pundit Toby Young has set up a forum on his blog where people can find love in lockdown, called “Love in a Covid Climate.” The blog is called "Lockdown Sceptics", and was set up by Young and others in March during the beginning of lockdown, and Young said that he received an email from a reader who wanted to date someone during lockdown but was worried about expressing views about “Covid scepticism.”

Young did say that over the weekend the forum was flooded by people who were noticeably trolling it – and even considered shutting it down. But the moderators said that they could definitely clean it up and re-launched the forum.

While it’s only existed for a couple of days – and some of the posts seem to be jokes – other seems to be serious. One man writes about the fact that lockdown is a distraction from “all of the illegal immigrants flooding into this country.” So far, there have been over 50 posts on the forum.

One user said that they ran a yoga studio and that “it’s been really messed up by all this absolute nonsense.” She also said that she was looking “for a real man” who didn’t “believe in all of this mask malarkey.” Another said that “remoaners need not apply” and that they would be looking for a decidedly “not socially disatnced tete-a-tete.”

It’s still uncertain whether or not many of these profiles are legitimate, but people are definitely responding to each other like they are.

Some posts have been met with a lot of responses – people seem to be saying that they are looking for someone Covid-sceptical and that someone who is woke or a snowflake doesn’t need to message them either. It’s not just heterosexual people either – some of the profiles are from gay men so far.

Young has defended the creation of his website, telling the Guardian, ““I’ve created Love in a Covid Climate for people who are properly informed about the risk, realise how small it is and want to meet other scientifically literate people who haven’t succumbed to what Bernard-Henri Lévy calls ‘psychotic delirium’.”

So it looks like this dating site isn't going anywhere.

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