A fight broke out at a Cubs baseball game after someone shouted two racial slurs

Danny Rockett screengrab

A fight broke out at a baseball game during a Hispanic Heritage Night Cubs game following racial slurs shouted at fans.

Footage of the brawl was uploaded on Twitter, where people took note of the racist language.

It is unclear how the incident began, however witnesses claim that men had been shouting racial slurs at the Hispanic men and women during the 7th inning, and though security initially broke up the argument, the fight happened after the conclusion of the Cubs’ 5-1 loss to the Pirates.

Danny Rockett, who hosts a podcast about the Cubs team, started recording the fight, which saw at least five people involved, with some trying to pull others off one another.

Two men can be seen separating from the rest of the group. One man shouts ‘He hit me in the face’ and a woman can be heard shouting ‘Stop it!’ A third man simply repeats the mantra: ‘No fighting in the bleachers.’

Cubs security guards, who were in red shirts eventually break the fight up and usher the Hispanic fans upwards and towards the bleachers exit.

The following footage contains strong language.

In one of two videos captured by Rockett, a man can be heard yelling f-words and what sounds like a racial slur about Hispanic women, which prompts another fight.

In the second video, a man is clearly heard shouting ‘b****e and *s***s, two derogatory words about Hispanic people.

‘You threw the first punch!’ a man shouts – he appears to be an Indiana National Guard Member.

He immediately realises he’s being filmed and shouts ‘Don’t record me’ before lurching towards the phone as security claim people cannot record on ‘private property.’

‘You do not have permission to videotape anyone,’ the voice continues. Before the video ends, someone off-screen can be heard saying: ‘If my unit sees that, I’m dead.’

The Indiana National Guard did not confirm who its member is, but released a statement to the Chicago Sun Times:

The statements made by this individual are not in keeping with the Army Values, and they do not reflect the views or beliefs of the United States Armed Forces, and specifically, the Indiana National Guard. We take these types of situations very seriously, and the conduct of this individual is unbecoming of a service member.

A cubs spokesman said security were ‘incorrect’ about a fan not being able to film, and deny the accusation that they were taking sides:

We don’t know the nature of what caused the fight, but both parties were escorted out. [The Cubs] have zero tolerance against fighting and insensitive language and behaviour. … Both parties were informed by police and security that they are not welcomed back to the stadium for 2018.

As the Hispanic fans are being ushered away by security, one of them turns to security and berates them for ‘taking the white peoples’ side’ and a Hispanic woman tearfully points at security and says they will ‘never know what it feels like.’

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