This Weird Goth Chicken Has Black Bones, Organs, and Meat

Imagine opening your mouth one day only to find that your newly sprouted wisdom tooth is black.

That alarming incident is exactly what happened to TikToker Archie who, like anyone, immediately thought his teeth were rotting.

However, Archie's doctor didn't think his teeth were rotting, rather, Archie has black bone disease - a rare disease that causes a person's bones to turn black.

In a TikTok video, Archie revealed that not only were his wisdom teeth black but so is his jaw and likely the rest of his bones.

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"When I was in middle school and high school I had really bad acne and I used a medication to treat it called minocycline," Archie explained

"Well, it turns out minocycline can stain your bones."

Because Archie's adult teeth came in before he began using minocycline, they were not affected.


This is my video! It was intended for this account originally. Oops! #raredisease #blackbones

Of course, the people of TikTok were very interested in Archie's black bones as the video racked up over one million views and thousands of comments.

"I'm working to be a forensic anthropologist and this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard," a commenter wrote.

"It's the night mode," another person said.

Hundreds of questions about Archie's black bones poured in and the TikToker clarified some things - like his black bones do not show up black on X-rays, they show up as any normal skeleton.

According to Archie, his doctor said there are no major health risks associated with black bone disease and his bone may go back to their natural color over time.

"It sucks because I kind of want archeologists to find my really goth skeleton," Archie joked.

According to one study, minocycline actually stains bones dark green, making them appear black. Another antibiotic, tetracycline can cause bones to turn fluorescent yellow, making them appear light green.

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