The man caught making this face at Donald Trump has spoken out
Twitter/Clay Skipper

The man who became an instant internet hero after he was caught glowering at Donald Trump has spoken out.

Earlest Johnson went to Sunday’s presidential debate between the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton as an “undecided voter”.

While watching, his now immortal expression was captured when Trump decided to conflate “African Americans” with “inner cities”.

But his indecision wasn’t to last long.

The 55-year-old told BuzzFeed he was a Bernie Sanders supporter who at the time didn’t know who he would vote for.

But he soon became unnerved by Trump’s behaviour while Clinton was speaking.

He walked around her, sat behind her, and almost like he was stalking her.  It was a lot of weird and it was very creepy.


Mr Johnson said he had no idea his face had gone viral until he got home and his wife told him they had received a huge amount of calls.

My wife was like, ‘People have been calling all evening, you’re on Facebook!’


Did the evening change Mr Johnson into a decided? “I’m going to vote for Hillary,” he said.

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