Man claims British schools don't celebrate 'Christmas' anymore, gets found out very, very quickly

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 01 December 2016 11:45

On Wednesday The Sun’s headline about Christmas ruffled feathers.

Putting the Christ in Christmas, Theresa May says Christians must be free to speak about their faith and Christmas without fear of repercussions

Writer Alex Andreou and comedian Dom Joly took to Twitter for some tongue-in-cheek witticisms:

But Twitter user @drewwhufc disagreed. Some schools in east London don’t even celebrate Christmas anymore – only ‘holiday festival’. Apparently.


The goodly, proof-loving people of Twitter asked him to elaborate. You know, with evidence and stuff.

What schools was he referring to?

St Luke's C.E Primary School in the Isle of Dogs and Bonner Primary School in Tower Hamlets.

This St Luke's? With the Christmas Disco?

(Picture: Via Alex Andreou/Twitter)

...And the Christmas Nativity Mass?

Picture: Via Alex Andreou/Twitter(Picture: Via Alex Andreou/Twitter)

...And. Two. Weeks. Of. Christmas. Holidays?

Picture: Via Alex Andreou/Twitter(Picture: Via Alex Andreou/Twitter)

Whoops- @drewwhufc hadn't meant St Luke's. He meant Bonner Primary...

Except he was still wrong

He tried to save it

And failed

Failed so bad

Suffice to say, some people should abort Twitter. Immediately.

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