This man is at the centre of a fake news story, and people are furious at him

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2016 has been a year of political surprises, celebrity deaths and fake news.

Hillary Clinton supporter John Grkovic was a victim of the latter.

Back in November, Grkovic joined thousands of other Americans as they protested against the election results that catapulted Donald Trump into the White House

During one of those demonstrations he was filmed giving a very passionate interview about the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton:

But people starting accusing him of being a CNN cameraman, paid to act as a protester.

Soon after the interview, Grkovic’s full name and contact details were leaked, and people began calling and emailing him accusing him of being a fake.

The story quickly spread like wildfire.

Since that initial interview, he's received death threats, and people have even phoned his mother.

The rumours appeared to have started under a YouTube video of the interview.

Grkovic, a freelance video producer, responded to the commenters, explaining that he had once worked with Don Lemon, host of CNN Tonight, about ten years ago on one project.

And he explained to Mashablethat the camera filming him during the interview wasn’t actually labelled - so he had no idea what news channel he was speaking to.

But the story is still being shared, and Grkovic is still being harassed by people contacting him.

If you Google my name, it's in every different language that it’s all fake. My life is ruined.

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