Man tries to kill spiders using a blow torch – burns his home to the ground

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Kill it with fire - but don't take it too far.

On Sunday night, a man in Tucson, Arizona waa believed to have accidentally burned his house down when he was trying kill spiders using a blow torch.

According to the Daily Mirror the as-yet-unnamed homeowner was thought to be trying to burn alive spiders and insects that were beneath a trailer next to his home.

The Tuscson Fire Department is investigating the cause of the blaze, but firefighters believe the spider burning to be the source.

Using a propane flamethrower, his mobile house then caught fire, and the huge blaze had to be doused by 23 firefighters.

It took 11 minutes to get the fire under control, but by then the mobile home was damaged beyond repair.

The fire caused no deaths, but according to ABC15 one elderly woman was evacuated from the area with minor injuries.

Open flame burning is not permitted in the Tuscon City limits, according to local officials quoted by ABC15.

No matter how big the creepy crawlies are.

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Update 20/10/17: A representative of Tucson Fire department subsequently told indy100 that their investigation has led them to believe the fire 'was not a result of the torch. People observed him using it earlier and it was assumed, but now they are finding that is was not the cause'. This was a depature from their previous statement that the spider burning was thought to be source.

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