The average age European women have their first child, mapped

New data regarding European fertility has shown the average age of women when they first have children in each country.

Information collated by Eurostat shows that Italy takes the crown, for the oldest average age of 30.8 years old, while Macedonia recorded the lowest average of 23.

The average of the 28 European Union countries was 28.9.

Mapping them, eastern European countries have a lower birth rate, and Mediterranean nations such as Greece, Spain, and Italy have the highest.

Nordic nations appear to hover around 28 years of age.

Fertile continent

As far as the European fertility is concerned, several countries recorded declines when comparing data 14 years apart.

According to Eurostat, 40,217 more babies were born in the EU in 2015 than in 2001.

Iceland and Portugal both saw declines in fertility and Serbia and Macedonia, despite having some of the youngest mothers on the first map, had a declining fertility rate.

Latvia, Lithuania, and Austria had the highest fertility rate in 2015 compared to 2001.

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