This map shows just how important #MeToo conversation is

When the sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein were first published in October 2017, nobody knew how widespread the #MeToo movement would become.

Yet here we are, two years later, and the movement has already exposed many perpetrators and in some cases, even brought justice to some victims. At the very least, it has shed light on a massive problem that many women unfortunately still face today.

But if you think the hashtag has taken over there world, think again, because one map is revealing just how much work is yet to be done. The map, created by Omnisci, depicts the hashtag use around the world since December and it turns out that the movement is only really a western thing.


While countries like India and Japan and some in South America have used the hashtag a lot, the rest of the world (other than Europe and North America) looks rather empty.

What this map proves is that while in many Western countries the #MeToo discussion is prevalent, we must not forget that in many developing economies, the status of women remains grotesquely low. Unfortunately, there are still many countries across the globe, where girls face many obstacles, including the threat of violence or domestic abuse.

More than anything, the map lets us reflect on how much progress has been made (we can't forget that!) but how there is still work to be done.

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