A map of the amount of private jets leaving the Super Bowl has people fuming

A map of the amount of private jets leaving the Super Bowl has people fuming
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The Super Bowl is always attended by wealthy superstars, athletes, and millionaires—if not billionaires.

Sunday's big game that resulted in the Los Angeles Rams walking away with a win was no different with celebrities like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Kanye West, and more people watching from the stands of SoFi Stadium.

Being that tickets for the Super Bowl were being resold on SeatGeek and StubHub services for around $10,000 per ticket, the cost of transportation was another added expense to an already hefty spending budget.

While some people chose to pay $500 for a parking spot near the stadium, the more affluent individuals opted for another mode of transport: private jets.

In fact, a map of the amount of private jets leaving the Super Bowl after the game has gone viral after being shared on Reddit.

"Flight map showing 140+ private jets leaving LA within five hours of Super Bowl LVI ending," wrote one user.

While some of the planes traveled across the country, there's a notable amount of trips taken from California that is surprising to many.

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The now-viral image has resulted in people being furious about the environmental effects of the private plans as well as the disproportionality of non-wealthy folks' efforts to recycle while the rich jet off to a football game.

"Flight map showing 140+ private jets that left the superbowl... But yeah, it's poor people and their use of straws and plastic grocery bags that are causing the most damage to earth," wrote one person.

On Reddit, one person wrote, "So rich they can just casually fly across the country to watch a game then make it back in time before bed time."

"My dad is a private jet pilot, people do this every day for a lot less. To go to a restaurant they love that’s a 5 hour drive away, to take the family to Disney world for the day and come home at night, to go shopping…" another person commented.

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