Mar Galcerán makes history as first parliamentarian with Down's syndrome

Mar Galcerán makes history as first parliamentarian with Down's syndrome
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Spain has celebrated a historic milestone after Mar Galcerán became Spain’s first parliamentarian with Down’s syndrome.

The 45-year-old has been involved with politics for most of her adult life, having joined Spain’s conservative People’s Party at the age of 18.

Back in May, Galcerán was listed as one of the candidates for the People's Party ahead of Valencia's regional elections. Not long after, she obtained a seat in the Corts Valencianes.

In September, she was sworn into her regional parliamentarian position.

Speaking to The Guardian, she said: "It’s unprecedented. Society is starting to see that people with Down syndrome have a lot to contribute. But it’s a very long road."

The People's Party leader Carlos Mazón congratulated Galcerán's win on X/Twitter.

"Welcome Mar. Great news for politics, overcoming barriers," he shared online.

It didn't take long for fellow social media users to join him and his kind words, with one writing that Galcerán's success was proof "that anyone can accomplish their goals."

Another called her an "inspiration to many," adding: "[It's] a reminder that everyone deserves equal opportunities. It's a proud moment for Spain and a positive example for the world."

One X user wrote: "Spain has shown how they have effectively improved the developmental programs of individuals with such disability which has promoted an increase in intellectual development. This is a huge step that shows equal opportunity provided by the system to any individual with capacity."

"She is super woman. Congratulations," another added, while one user said: "I’m here for more representation!"

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