Tory MP Marcus Fysh sparks backlash by comparing vaccine passports to Nazi Germany

Tory MP Marcus Fysh sparks backlash by comparing vaccine passports to Nazi Germany

A Conservative MP has sparked a backlash after comparing plans to introduce proof of a negative test result or vaccination to enter certain venues to “Nazi Germany”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Marcus Fysh explained that he will be voting against the measures – which come as part of the government’s Plan B and will be required in nightclubs and other large venues – as the UK is not “Nazi Germany”.

He said: “We live in a free society in this country where people have the freedom to do what they want with their own bodies and freedom of association”.

The concept of vaccine passports would be “segregating society based on an unacceptable thing”, he added.

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“We are not a ‘papers please’ society...” he went on.

“This is not Nazi Germany. It’s the thin end of an authoritarian wedge.”

Responding to his comments, people found them utterly tasteless:

They also pointed out that he has voted for measures which involve people providing “papers” to do certain things like vote:

Fysh is expected to be one of the around 75 Tory rebels, led by Steve Baker, who will vote against the introduction of either mask-wearing or Covid certification in parliament on Tuesday.

The restrictions are set to expire six weeks after implementation, with a review after three weeks and they are likely to pass Tory rebellion or not, as the Labour Party have said they will back them.

One Tory backbencher told The Guardian: “The mood on the back benches is really angry.

“It’s going to be quite a sizeable rebellion. I think the Government will only get this through with Labour votes. It’s a bit like the Theresa May Brexit days – which is somewhere I never really wanted to go back to.”

Seems to us that the Brexit comparison is thoroughly more appropriate than Nazi Germany.

Indy100 has contacted Fysh to comment on this story.

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