If you've been following the US election, its safe to say that it has been a very long night for some, especially those in the media.

Trying to make head or tail of who has won which state and making sense of the claims of victory between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has been a lot to digest at such a late hour of the day and mistakes can happen.

Spare a thought then for BBC News anchor Matthew Amroliwala, who mistakenly said that former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who passed away in 2013, had tweeted her thoughts about the election and America's commitment to pulling out of the Paris climate agreement.

Of course, Amroliwala didn't mean Thatcher at all but had mistakenly said her name when referring to another former British prime minister Theresa May, who indeed does have a Twitter account and is very much alive.

He did manage to correct his mistake but not before it had been plastered all over Twitter, prompting hysterics from the many who saw it.

For those interested, this is what Theresa May had to say about the election and the potential effect it will have on the climate crisis.

For some, Thatcher has experienced something on an unwanted revival in 2020 as she is due to be portrayed by Gillian Anderson in the next season of The Crown on Netflix.

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