With the likes of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris on stage, no one would have bet that by the end of the second night of Democratic debates that we would all be talking about self-help author and Oprah's spiritual advisor, Marianne Williamson.

The 66-year-old from Hoston, Texas stole the show in more ways than one thanks to her surreal speeches, unusual speaking pattern and downright bizarre answers.

She started off her evening with an eccentric challenge aimed at Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, who wants to make her country the safest place in the world for a child to live, something that Williamson has taken objection to.

This completely bizarre moment prompted a lot of reactions with people unsure of what she was trying to achieve.

Elsewhere, she claimed that she is going to defeat Donald Trump by harnessing love which sounds like some sort of witchcraft.

Seriously, we haven't seen a politician inspire this many memes since the last time Jeremy Corbyn was relevant.

She's become so popular in such a short amount of time that SNL's Kate McKinnon has already perfected an impression of her.

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