A map of all the countries where weed is legal

A map of all the countries where weed is legal

It’s 4/20 – and no matter where you are in the world, we hope you are being respectful to local drug laws.

As attitudes to drugs evolve, marijuana laws are changing.

Just this week West Virginia announced it would become the 29th US state to legalise the drug for medical usage. Meanwhile, more and more countries are decriminalising the drug, even if they are not going as far as making it legal.

We've mapped the countries where personal possession of weed has been legalised, decriminalised and approved for medical use.

The countries in grey had no data available.

Even in countries where is is now 'legal', there are intricacies in the law. For instance, in Germany, 'recreational consumption is legal on the basis of it being considered self-harm', while in Spain and South Africa it is only legal in private areas or for home use. In Uruguay however, the drug has been fully legalised.

And in many countries, laws different from region to region - most notably in the US, also in places like in India and Australia.

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