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Correction 10/05/2017:

Since publication of the below article, it has emerged that the Twitter account "@Wollygogg" was a fabrication, and the claims of a failed bet that Marine Le Pen would win the 2017 French Elections was a joke.

Before reporting on the Twitter exchanges between the account and Ladbrokes indy100 attempted to contact the user in question. They failed to reply.

The user behind the account has since confirmed to various outlets that there was no such bet and they had made a habit of starting hoax stories such as this one.

The account had been made to look as genuine as possible, featuring the name and location of an individual from Great Yarmouth and YouTube videos of that individual.

The Guardian reports that the person behind the hoax even went so far as to create fake betting slips in Photoshop to provide further 'proof' to journalists who had requested interviews.

indy100 commented on the day of reporting: "We're all going to feel horrendous if the claims prove true."

Fortunately, they proved not to be.

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