US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been accused as being ‘unfit’ to hold her position in the House of Representatives and on the House Education and Labor Committee as a resurfaced video shows her using an ableist slur.

It is not the first time the GOP member has caused controversy. Greene is a known QAnon believer who’s shown support for the execution of the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and has actively helped spread conspiracy theories about school shootings and the Jewish community.

The avid Trump supporter had her Twitter account suspended in January for violating terms of civility as she continued to spread the disproven claim of widespread election voter fraud.

In the most recent in a long list of controversies, the resurfaced footage shows Greene using an offensive slur against those with Downs Syndrome.

In a post on Twitter, Journalist Scott Dworkin shared the uncovered video along with a caption including a warning for its offensive content.

Twitter users have called the comments “disgusting” and many have called for Greene to be removed as she’s “unfit” to serve in congress.

Another user called Greene “next level bad”. Following this latest incident, multiplied hashtags including #ExpelGreene and #ExpelMarjorieTaylorGreene have gained significant traction on social media as increasing numbers want her removed due to her shocking behaviour.

Trump set the bar low and it appears Greene is doing nothing to raise it.

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