Mark Zuckerberg says employees are now known as 'metamates' and somehow kept a straight face

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Mark Zuckerberg is continuing to push the rebrand of Facebook to Meta.

As the company pushes its new values and goals on both employees and the public, Zuckerberg is ensuring that everyone is on the same page about what Meta is.

In a new all-hands meeting at Meta, Zuckerberg explained "the company's updated values," per Alex Heath, senior reporter for The Verge.

According to Heath, Zuckerberg is "explaining they will not 'nice ourselves to death' and that they are now to be known as 'Metamates'

The new Meta values are changing from "move fast" to "move fast together," "be bold" is being replaced with "build awesome things" and “focus on long term impact” is their newest added value.

Additionally, "be open” is becoming “live in the future," and "be direct and respect your colleagues” is changing to “be open.”

The most talked-about one, however, is the value: "Meta, metamates, me."

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"A slide shows this text in bold all caps next to Zuck talking. I am told Zuck said this without laughing and explained it had to do with a story about ships and shipmates," Heath wrote on Twitter.

Meta's CTO, Boz, explained the term "metamates further in a tweet responding to Heath's thread.

"Fun fact: Metamates was coined by none other than Douglas Hofstadter himself after an employee cold emailed him for ideas after our rebrand. I love it!" wrote Boz.

"Also the saying is a reference to a Naval phrase which Instagram has used for a while "Ship, Shipmates, SelfHave your say in our news democracy," he added.

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