Markdown Frenzy sweeps USA as major retailers hit fire-sale button

Markdown Frenzy sweeps USA as major retailers hit fire-sale button
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Major US retailers are marking down the prices of things like home goods and loungewear as people move away from pandemic necessities.

Consumers can expect to get some deals on small appliances, furniture, leggings, TVs, and more as companies begin to pivot their priorities to make a better profit.

Target indicated profits were low for home furnishings, decor, apparel, and accessories which the company had stocked up on as people spent more time at home during the pandemic. However, now people are less inclined to buy these things since travel is more accessible and inflation is contributing to rising costs.

To combat this, the company indicated they'd be creating sales to get rid of extra inventory.

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Other retailers like Walmart, Gap, Macy's, Costco, and Best Buy are following the trend by slashing the price of goods people needed to work from home like computers or leisurewear according to Forbes.

Laptops, home tech accessories, TVs, and small electronics are all on sale at Best Buy.

Macy's slashed the prices on pajamas, robes, sweatpants, and sweatshirts.

Rollbacks on furniture, fans, vacuums, air mattresses, outdoor accessories, and more were up to 65 percent off at Walmart.

The trends point to a change in consumer priorities and desires. Consumers are more interested in purchasing beauty products, travel equipment, groceries, and apparel to wear in the office.

Part of this is due to more companies shifting from work-from-home to the office meaning people are spending less time at home. Additionally, as travel restrictions ease more people want to take the vacation they planned pre-pandemic.

But inflation is also to blame for the shift in priorities. As higher prices continue to affect US citizens, people are being forced to prioritize necessities like groceries or toiletries.

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