NASA tried to get people to name the Mars rover but they went rogue and the suggestions are hilarious


You'd think by now, after Boaty McBoatface, we'd all have leaned not to let the public attempt to name anything.

The answers will, usually, be unimaginative and childish. But NASA, ever optimistic, gave it a shot anyway when naming their new Mars rover.

They tweeted: "What best describes a Mars rover? Tenacity? Fortitude? Courage? We’ve selected nine potential names for the #Mars2020 rover. You can vote for your favourite; results will be considered in selecting the rover’s name." and posted a link to the poll with the students' grades.

Apparently, they asked students to send in essays to name the Rover and received 28,000 options. Narrowing it down to nine, they've got: Clarity, Vision, Promise, Tenacity, Perseverance, Ingenuity, Courage, Fortitude, and Endurance.

Finding those choices uninspiring, people responded to the tweet with their own unsolicited ideas.

Naturally, some variation of Boaty McBoatface came up a lot – Rover McRoverface, Rovie McRovieface, etc.

Some people had more sincere suggestions like Bessy or Rufus. But for the most part, everyone agreed on one thing: that the students' choices were boring.

You can see some of the rogue suggestions below:

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