People think this Trump rally host did a 'white power sign’ while introducing his Mount Rushmore speech

Trump supporter Mary Hart has come under fire for what many believe to be a “white power sign” before she introduced Donald Trump on stage for his Mount Rushmore rally on Friday evening.

The former Entertainment Tonight host took to the stage to welcome Trump and said:

We welcome you, President Trump, our First Lady Melania and your whole family. There are so many people that I want to introduce very quickly but I want to say thank you [Republican] Governor [Kristi] Noem for making this possible.

But then as she was thanking the “incredible audience”, she raised both hands up to face level and touched her index finger with her thumb.

In 2019, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) added the symbol to its “Hate on Display” database and cited many white supremacists using it as “a sincere expression of White Supremacy”.

A snippet of the speech was then uploaded to social media:

Then people began calling out Hart for using the hand gesture:

Mary Hart is yet to publicly comment on the controversy.

Watch the moment:

During Trump’s speech on Friday evening, he hit out at "cancel culture", which he said amounted to "totalitarianism".

He also did a photoshoot standing in front of Mount Rushmore and pretending his head was poking out of the mountain.

So, of course, people mercilessly mocked him for it... and it was glorious.

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