All the ways the Trumps tried to block the publication of Mary Trump's tell-all book
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Too Much and Never Enough, a tell-all book about the Trump family written by the president's niece, comes out today – in spite of their best efforts to block it.

Mary Trump, a 55-year-old psychologist and businesswoman, describes her uncle as a "narcissist" in the book's prologue and claims he was "scarred for life" by parental neglect.

She also revealed that other members of his family do not support his presidency, including his sister Maryanne Trump Barry who reportedly referred to him as a "clown".

The publication of the book has clearly rattled Trump, his administration and other members of his family who have attempted to stop this from happening.

Here are all the ways people have tried and failed to gag Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man.

1. Attempting to discredit the book.

The White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany had a few choice words to say about Mary Trump's book, in spite of the fact she's never read it.

Earlier this month she told reporters that the book, which she claims she is yet to even see, is "ridiculous" and "absurd".

2. Fighting the book's publication in court.

Trump's brother, Robert Trump, has filed multiple court actions in an attempt to stop the book from being published.

Robert Trump alleges that publishing the book would violate a non-disclosure agreement signed by himself, Mary, Maryanne and Donald Trump dating back to 2001.

The NDA was drawn up after a legal battle between several members of the family over the estate of Fred Trump Sr, the president's father, to stop gossip about the case reaching the media. Mary Trump contests that this is no longer valid.

Simon & Schuster, the book's publisher, moved its publication date forward to today after a New York judge lifted a temporary restraint on this issued by a trial court judge.

So the book has been published – but the court case is ongoing.

3. Banning Mary Trump from speaking to the press.

Mary Trump was not allowed to promote her book, or even speak about it, until today.

A court ruling meant that she was personally gagged from giving interviews to the press.

Recently, CNN's Brian Stelter discussed the book with Trump's former ghostwriter Tony Schwartz because, as he pointed out, Mary Trump wasn't allowed on the show.

Schwartz claimed that his view of the president is "remarkably similar" to Mary Trump's, and that he considers the president to be a "psychopath".

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