Staunch Trump supporter, alt-right sympathiser and GOP congressman Matt Gaetz found himself a cosy spot in his happy place: Fox News.

And because middle-aged Republican men are literally obsessed with everything AOC (as are we, tbf) that was the topic of conversation. Specifically, her comments last week that the Democratic party is a "center or center-conservative party."

In response, Gaetz called her "a socialist" (he also called her "Alex" which we suppose is better than when he kept calling her "attractive"). The actual dictionary definition of socialism relates to the means of production being controlled by a collective (such as the government) as opposed to individuals. But Gaetz had an altogether different definition which we've never heard of, and are pretty sure would be pretty baffling to Marx too.

She wants to fundamentally change everything, where unless the government is forcing you to eat nothing but kale and quinoa while you're riding around on your non-gender specific unicorn to your next Pocahontas rain dance, you're just not woke enough.

Errr. Right.

The clip has been widely circulated on Twitter overnight after it was posted yesterday by the actual show it was aired on. Somehow they must have thought it made them look good...

Delightfully, it appears to have backfired.

Gaetz might like to know that actually quinoa is now problematic and unicorns are genderless anyway. Next time maybe he could find a more accurate cliche.

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