Resurfaced video shows what Matt Hancock really thinks of Boris Johnson

Resurfaced video shows what Matt Hancock really thinks of Boris Johnson

Matt Hancock might now be prepared to defend Boris Johnson and his government to the hilt, but there was a time when he was less complimentary.

In a resurfaced GQ interview, Hancock raises his eyebrows and giggles at Alistair Campbell's suggestion that he must wonder "how the hell" Johnson retained his job as foreign secretary.

Whilst laughing, Hancock then says:

Each person brings a different thing to the table, don't they. And around that table there's some absolutely brilliant people who are pulling together to try to make it all work.

Campbell then interjects "he's definitely not one of them", which Hancock pointedly does not dispute.

Hancock was interviewed in October 2018, at a time when he was health secretary and Johnson was foreign secretary under Theresa May. Johnson's tenure as foreign secretary was marred by a series of controversies and less-than diplomatic statements, including wrongly claiming that a British citizen imprisoned in Iran had been training journalists in the country.

When Johnson successfully ran as party leader on a pro-Brexit platform, Hancock retained his job in the cabinet despite having previously supported Remain.

The video has been shared on Twitter by Alistair Campbell, who has previously written that he got the sense Hancock was "not a fan of Johnson" when interviewing him.

Given Hancock's defiant support of the government in the face of Cummings-gate, people are saying the interview is "embarrassing".

Perhaps Hancock's support for Johnson isn't quite as natural as he would like it to seem.

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