It seems like forever ago that Brexit, and "getting it done", was the main concern of the public. Yet just because coronavirus has outshone it, doesn't mean it's gone away.

Yet Matt Hancock was just as surprised as the rest of us to be asked about it after months of putting it on the backburner given the slightgly more pressing global pandemic we're dealing with.

When Kay Burley asked him on Sky News this morning whether now is really the right time to be discussing trade deals, he replied:

Yeah but... we don't need to, so, erm... Gosh, it's been a while since I've discussed Brexit on one of these programmes!

Indeed, and it seems that as a result he may have completely forgotten the script, because he went on to cover all his bases, saying:

There's absolutely no need to. I think, you know, we can... the basis of the future arrangement has already been set. We can get the details in place, there's no reason to delay, I think we should just get on with it.

Then, realising this might sound a bit insensitive given everything that's going on, he adds:

But honestly it isn't something that I'm spending any time on personally, at the moment, because we've got this coronavirus to deal with.

People were left wondering which exactly it is... Does he want to plough ahead with Brexit or does he want to avoid spending time on it in favour of tackling coronavirus?

Others pointed out that Brexit isn't looking quite so appealing right now.

It seems unlikely that this will be the last time Hancock will be asked about Brexit, given it's what his party was voted in to get done, so they might want to smooth up the party line on the issue.

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