Matt Hancock accused of faking random interaction with member of the public

Matt Hancock accused of faking random interaction with member of the public

For better or worse, Matt Hancock's social media output in this general election campaign has been bizarre, to say the least.

Whether he is standing on his own in the middle of a countryside lane or trying to claim that the NHS isn't for sale, it's been a real rollercoaster ride for health secretary.

One of the latest additions to his viral video repertoire is a clip of him interacting with a member of the public who was behind the wheel of a car.

In the 15 second clip, the man tells Hancock:

Get Brexit done. We're right with ya. We're right behind Boris. Get it done.

Get this 75 per cent remainer parliament, put them to bed. Let's get it done. 

God bless ya.

Nothing initially seems to be suspicious about this video until you really start to analyse it.

This apparent random interaction is perfectly audible, on a seemingly busy road, which some people have suggested may mean that the man in the car was wearing a microphone.

Plus, he was well aware of all the Tory catchphrases and had a figure on how many MPs in parliament want to stay in the EU.

But maybe this gentleman was really into the Tory manifesto and was prepared right there and then to meet Hancock or something.

Also, the man's driving skills were a bit suspect.

Indy100 has contacted Matt Hancock for comment.

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