Matt Hancock struggles to answer questions on 'casual sex' in awkward TV interview

Matt Hancock struggles to answer questions on 'casual sex' in awkward TV interview

In news that could only be at home in 2020, Health Secretary Matt Hancock struggled to answer what constitutes an ‘established relationship’ and how long the casual sex ban will last.

During the Sky News interview, Kay Burley whispered coyly: “How long is this casual sex ban going to last?”

Hancock, rather uncomfortably, hesitated and then proceeded to giggle.

For the full duration of this segment of the interview, Hancock avoided answering directly how long the ban will last or who it affects.

He then explained to Burley that you need to “establish the boundary”.

Burley, not satisfied with the answer, asked what that “boundary” is. She then proceeded to pose a series of situations to try and determine what he was referring to.

She asked him, directly, to define what an “established relationship” actually is.

He, unsatisfactorily, responded:

If you’re in a relationship that is well-established.


Hancock continued: “Playing our part involves following the social distancing rules and, from today, downloading the app and abiding by these rules in the letter and in their spirit.”

Burley then said:

You’ve body-swerved the ‘established relationship’, haven’t you? Because you don’t really know what that means. 

Anybody can bend the rules on that, can’t they?

Hancock replied that he wouldn’t suggest that.

People weren’t satisfied with his response and didn't like that he couldn't discuss the topic without giggling.

Many people on social media found it uncomfortable to watch.

We'll admit that we cringed a little bit too. But then again, it's important to get clarification on these issues.

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