Boris Johnson took so long to show up to his own briefing that Matt Lucas stepped in instead

Yesterday afternoon, by the time it had been an hour and 40 minutes since Boris Johnson was supposed to address the nation, people were getting a bit antsy.

The briefing, which was to announce a second lockdown across England, was supposed to begin at 4pm, but as the minutes ticked on and there was no sign of the PM, the whole thing was starting to become frustrating to those tuning in.

People pointed out that the whole thing may as well have been Halloween themed, considering how late in the evening it was delivered.

Others were seriously worried about Strictly being delayed.

Amid the social media chaos, one man came to everyone's rescue: Great British Bake Off presenter and comedian Matt Lucas.

He revived his Boris Johnson impression to explain to the country what a press conference which is supposed to start at 4 o'clock actually means.

The short seven-second clip has been viewed over 700,000 times, and people were delighted to have a second instalment of Matt's Boris, after his highly successful parody in the first episode of GBBO in September.

People observed that in just one sentence, Lucas captured the true spirit of the PM.

Others thought he should replace him altogether.

Boris Johnson did eventually show up, albeit over two hours late. He said what everyone was braced for: that England will go into another full lockdown for four weeks from next Thursday.

Still, at least it seems we'll have ample political parodies to keep us entertained.

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