Two friends hung a picture of themselves in a McDonald's and 51 days later it is still there

Jevh M/ YouTube/ Twitter

If you spend any amount of time in a McDonald's restaurant you'll be more than familiar with their decor.

It's mostly pretty conservative and unoffensive images of people enjoying McDonald's food in one of their establishments or in a nice sunny park.

However, while McDonald's appeals to everyone who enjoys fast food, a YouTuber and his friends noticed something odd in their local branch of Maccy D's.

Although the pictures in the restaurant featured almost every other ethnicity it managed to exclude Asian people.

Rather than just sit there and except this, Jevh M and his friend decided to do something about and literally created and hung their own photo in the restaurant.

In his video he explains:

I looked at Christian and I said, 'Hey, what if we put a picture of us up in there?'

Look around - there are literally no Asians on these walls. Maybe we can change that.

To solve this problem they went to incredible lengths to get a convincing picture taken, printed and installed, which included them purchasing an McDonald's staff shirt and fake ID.

The below video details exactly how they got away with this stunt.

Amazingly, not only did they manage to get away with their stunt it is still hanging in the exact same spot 51 days later and no one seems to have batted an eyelid.

After they shared their labour of love on Twitter and Facebook on Monday their story went viral and people are lovin' it (no pun intended).

I just hope that all this media attention doesn't completely blow their cover and the photo remains there for another 51 days.

If that doesn't bag them a free Happy Meal I'm not sure what will.

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