Hapless thief attempts to rob a McDonald’s for chicken nuggets but they were still serving breakfast

Kate Plummer
Friday 30 April 2021 13:09
Police were called to an Orange County McDonald’s over the incident(Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had cravings so fierce, and hanger so intense, that we think we would stop at nothing to get some good food.

But one man took this a bit too far recently, and walked into a McDonald’s in Yate, Gloucestershire, claimed he had a gun and demanded some chicken nuggets (and money.)

Rob Batten pled guilty to stealing more than £400 from the restaurant but - embarrassingly - was unable to make off with the nuggets as it was too early and the outlet was still serving breakfast.

If you let meal times change in McDonald’s, then what is next? Full societal breakdown, we suppose, so it is understandable that the outlet was more willing to part with its cash than its chicken.

But it was reported the impatient Batten was unwilling to wait for the accommodating fast-food workers to rustle up some nuggets, so he acquiesced and had a double sausage McMuffin instead.

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Batten has been sentenced to six years in prison which we imagine will not serve McDonald’s chicken nuggets or even McMuffins.

Judge William Hart said when sentencing him at Bristol Crown Court: “The staff were clearly terrified as anyone would be. It’s the last thing people would expect in a quiet takeaway in that part of the country.

“A chilling aspect of that robbery is the way the gun was held. It’s clear the impact this sort of offending has. There was considerable alarm in the community.”

The weapon that he was carrying was actually just a .177 air pistol that wasn’t even loaded.

Batten had previously been recorded robbing Miss Millie’s chicken shop in Yate the previous night where he had made off with £200.

At 3 pm the next day he handed himself in to the police. The Sun reports that he was heard saying during the first robbery: “I’m being forced into doing this. I don’t want to do this.”