Meanwhile, the Tories are ahead of Labour for the first time in three years

A poll of polls for our sister paper i by John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, puts the Tories up two points on 34 per cent, their highest rating since May 2012.

But although Labour is unchanged on 33 per cent, it's not all good news for David Cameron.

If repeated on a uniform swing, Labour would still be the largest party in a hung parliament on 311 seats to the Tories' 290.

Even taking the dramatic rise of the Scottish National Party in Scotland, Labour would still end up with 285 seats, the Tories 271 and the SNP 58.

Nevertheless, Professor Curtice added:

The advance in the Tories’ position and the fall back in Ukip support will put a bit of a spring in the step of the Tory faithful.

[Who said it: David Cameron or an eight-year-old?]1