Meet the racists who will be gracing the new European Parliament

The people of Europe have spoken. Right-wing, Eurosceptic parties, like France's Front National and Britain's Ukip, have made huge gains across the continent and here is a quick run down of the most extreme new kids in Brussels.

Hungary: Krisztina Morvai

(Picture: MTI)

In 2009, Morvai cancelled an interview with a British newspaper, declaring: “I am a decent politician and the mother of three children, yet you in the West keep portraying me as a Nazi and a fascist.”

She is a senior member of Jobbik, the anti-Semitic and anti-Roma party. In 2009, she also declared: “So-called proud Hungarian Jews should go back to playing with their little circumcised d*s.”

Germany: Udo Voigt

(Picture: AFP)

First German neo-Nazi to enter the European Parliament. The former army officer, born in 1952, was jailed in 1995 for inciting racial hatred.

Formerly the leader of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), Voigt was convicted in 2009 after he was caught handing out flyers at the World Cup which argued that a black player was not entitled to play for Germany.

Italy: Mario Borghezio

(Picture: ANSA)

MEP for Italy’s notoriously racist Northern League, he has relentlessly attacked the nation’s first black cabinet minister, Cecile Kyenge, minister for integration, claiming she would import “tribal traditions” into the Italian government.

Other elected members in the party called her “an orang-utan”. He attracted attention by lobbying for the creation of an EU archive of UFO sightings.

Greece: Eleftherios Synadinos

Fabulously moustachioed retired lieutenant-general in the Greek army, he was one of Golden Dawn’s top candidates in the European elections, at which the neo-Nazi party obtained more than nine per cent of the vote.

With its black-shirted assault squads, it has been accused of being a criminal organisation, a charge it denies.

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