Melania Trump, just like everyone else, is sick of hearing about her husband’s election complaints
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It has been more than a month since Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden and just like everyone else, barring his most loyal and hardcore supporters, Melania Trump is sick of hearing the president relentlessly yelling about his loss. 

Trump has now seen 53 out of 54 legal cases thrown out of court and his team of lawyers have so far been unable to produce any significant evidence of voter fraud that shows the election was rigged. 

Still, despite the transition process beginning for Trump’s team to make way for the Biden administration, the president is still raging about voter fraud and conspiracy theories on Twitter, so much so that he has been flagged or censored on Twitter more than 300 times.

Just as an outsider looking in, it has been exhausting to obverse but just imagine what it is like for the people working for Trump and even his family. Although the likes of Donald Jr and Eric Trump are happy to parrot their father’s claims one person who is reportedly getting a little bored of the entire situation is first lady Melania Trump.

A source close to Melania told CNN that the first lady “just wants to go home” and has already begun planning for their exit from the White House. This per the CNN report, “While the President is busy figuring out a way to stay in the White House, the first lady is determining what to put in storage, what goes to Trump’s New York City digs, and what should be tagged for shipment to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida…. The first lady quietly brought on Marcia Lee Kelly to her scant East Wing staff in April as a special government employee who could add gravitas and experience. She is unpaid and serves in a volunteer capacity but her job as Trump’s special adviser proved helpful as the waning months of her first-term tenure.”

Although it practically guaranteed that Trump will be out of the White House on 20 January, there have been suggestions that he could run again in 2024 which would not doubt excite his fans. However, Melania isn’t too thrilled about the prospect of another presidential campaign. On the topic the CNN source added “That might not go over well.”

It’s no secret that Melania isn’t a huge fan of the spotlight that has been put on her since being in the White House. In recent months audio has been leaked about her complaining about the criticism she has received throughout the past four years as well as moaning about duties such as handling the Christmas decorations. That being said she hasn’t always handled situations too well, such as displaying defiant messages on her clothing and revamping the White House tennis court in the middle of a pandemic.

One thing Melania is considering in her post-White House life is a book but don’t expect a juicy memoir in the same vein as Michelle Obama’s best-seller Becoming. Instead, it will reportedly be a photo book that will either focus on the history of White House hospitality or the design products she completed while she was the first lady so don’t expect any sort of gossip from either of those.

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