Melania Trump is so over it all. In fact, arguably, she never did quite take to the role she was expected to fulfil as First Lady.

She never really got into gardening. She couldn’t be bothered to put the White House Christmas decorations up. And she certainly didn’t like holding her husband’s hand through endless photo ops. The words on her now-infamous jacket sum up her attitude best: “I really don’t care. Do U?”.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, then, that Melania’s first act as a former First Lady was to march past the line of cameras waiting to photograph her and her husband as they touched down in Florida, having left the White House for the final time.

While Trump hung back and waved to the waiting press, Melania made a beeline for their car – and to her new, post-presidential life.

Like most of us, she got tired of listening to her husband’s constant complaining about the election result in his last few weeks as president. She was in such a rush to leave the White House, in fact, that she reportedly neglected to write personal thank you notes to the building’s cooks, butlers and housekeepers, as is tradition for a First Lady.

Melania being “so done with everything” at the end of Trump’s term is, naturally, already a viral meme.

Melania Trump leaves office the least popular First Lady ever, according to a CNN poll

But we probably shouldn’t feel too sorry for her: her tone deaf and racist comments from her years in the White House speak for themselves about the kind of legacy she should have. 

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