Melania Trump's comments on Obama's birth certificate resurface after she marks Juneteenth

On Friday, Melania Trump shared a video on Twitter commemorating Juneteenth, by reading a children's book about slavery.

The first lady read from the book All Different Now by the author Angela Johnson, which tells the history of the day, which is when slavery was abolished in the state of Texas in 1865. The story is told through the eyes of a child and documents the final days of slavery in the United States. In the three minute video, Melania also recounted her trip to Ghana, where she visited the House of Slaves, the location millions of African's were housed before being taken to the US.

Although Melania's message was no doubt well-meaning, it backfired on the first lady as she was accused of not reading the room given her previous comments about Barack Obama, who she had claimed was not born in the United States as part of the 'birther' conspiracy theory against the former president.

It was also noted that Melania's message of unity was odd as that she was the only person featured in the video

Due the tension in race relations in the United States right now, Donald Trump has come under heavy criticism for holding a rally on Saturday night, the day after Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is the location of a two-day massacre in 1921, where a white mob used aircraft to bombard an area of the city known as Black Wall Street, devastating several black-owned businesses and leaving 36 people dead. It has been called one of the 'single worst acts of racial violence in US history.'

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