Melania Trump leaves people stunned as she reportedly didn’t write her own thank you notes to her staff
REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Melania Trump is no longer the First Lady but she is still causing uproar after it was revealed that she didn’t even write her own ‘thank you’ notes to the White House staff that had served her for the past four years. 

CNN reported that around 80 members of staff received the notes which were apparently written in Melania’s voice but was outsourced to a lower-level staffer who wrote the notes to the many butlers, chefs, ushers, maintenance workers and cleaners.

According to CNN it is customary for leaving first ladies and sometimes presidents, to write the thank you notes. A source added that the letters can become “cherished keepsakes” and contain personal anecdotes that the staff will hold on to forever. 

However, Melania is said to have been completely “checked out” in the final weeks of the Trump presidency and “just wants to go home.” This would suggest that her lack of enthusiasm for even a simple task of writing notes to her staff was too much and that she is “not sad to be leaving,” Washington DC.

It goes without saying that people were stunned at this revelation. 

Melania is also said to have left a note to her successor Jill Biden. Once again CNN adds that this was a “short note of welcome” for Biden but there is no further information on where the note was left and if Melania had written it herself.

Donald Trump’s third wife has often been painted as a ‘reluctant first lady’ and has previously complained about the tasks she had to do and the amount of criticism that she received in the role.

Melania leaves Washington with the lowest ratings of her entire tenure with 47 per cent now viewing her in an unfavourable light.

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