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Researchers have tracked where men and women look when presented with advertising. The difference is greater when it involves a semi-naked lady.


Eyetrack Shop (now known as 'Sticky') and the Medical Research Council monitored the eye movements of 50 women and 50 men when looking at adverts.

As well as assessing where the participants looked, Eyetrack Shop also recorded how long participants looked at something, and in what order they looked at parts of the advert.

While they predicted that there would be a stark difference, they found that most people looked at adverts in the same way regardless of gender.

The researchers decided to push what differences there were to more tangible levels by using selective stimuli, chiefly images of semi dressed women, and cars.


Picture:Picture: (Eyetrack Shop/Medical Research Council)

To demonstrate what part of the advert held the attention of men and women, they created these heat maps.

Picture:Picture: (Eyetrack Shop/Medical Research Council)

'Visual fixation order', the sequence in which men and women looked at different parts of the advert, was shown here:

Picture:Picture: (Eyetrack Shop/Medical Research Council)

From these two assessments, the researchers found that men not only looked at the face of the woman in the advert first, but they also looked at it for 40 per cent longer than women did.

Men also looked at her legs for 20 per cent less time than women did.


Picture:Picture: (Eyetrack Shop/Medical Research Council)

In the case of this Reebok advert, the visual fixation order was the same for both men and women.

The main difference was that women actually looked at the shoes 36% more of the time than men did.

As with the first advert, men spent more time looking at the models face than the women did, and the men looked at the models bum for 50 per cent more of the time.


Picture:Picture: (Eyetrack Shop/Medical Research Council)

When it came to car adverts, they found that women took in a greater area of the car than the men did, and they also spent twice as long looking at the company logo.

To appropriate and old saying, men are from earth, women are from earth, and they both look at adverts in similar ways unless there's nudity involved.

For the full analysis click here.

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