Men who little spoon make better partners, scientist suggests


At some point in every relationship, each person will want to try being the “little spoon”.

If you're unfamilliar with this term, "spooning" refers to two people hugging side by side.

Yet in 20 per cent of UK couples who spoon, men who like to be little spoon consider it a blight on their masculinity, with 55 per cent of young men admitting they worry about being mocked if they are emotionally open.

But science has shown that men who occasionally like to be the little spoon make much better partners.

Steve McKeown, psychoanalyst and founder of The McKeown Clinic, said:

Men that prefer to be the little spoon are more likely to be submissive, sensitive, pleasing and in touch with their feminine side.

A male that is in touch with his sensitive side can be more compassionate and definitely a contrast from the traditional male.

According to McKeown, men who little spoon tend to be more emotionally intelligent, which is a major plus point in any relationship.

He added:

The spoon position demonstrates a dynamic in which one partner takes a protective stance over the other. It a vulnerable position that says ‘I trust you’.

This type of protection has once been a stereotype of male dominance over the women but not anymore. Times have changed as women are now somewhat freer to assert their dominance in all aspects of life.

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